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Payment processing entails a transaction between the customer and the merchant. Payment processing includes funds transferred through internet businesses, brick and mortar stores, online/ eCommerce stores, and mobile merchants. If you are a merchant selling hemp-derived products, you need a high-risk payment processor customized to meet the needs of the hemp industry for payment processing.

What Is a Hemp Payment Processor?

A hemp payment processor works as a mediator between the merchant selling hemp-derived products and the customer’s bank. It not only authorizes the merchant to receive payment but also validates the payment on the buyer’s end by checking if the card is valid, the buyer has sufficient funds in their account, and the limits on the account.

If the transaction is deemed valid, the payment processor transfers the funds to the merchant’s account. It ensures that your payments are transferred through secure encrypted connections and handle all safety protocols to provide maximum security.

Hemp payment processors can be integrated on your website or eCommerce store for online transactions. It is also a viable payment processing option for in-person payments, such as card swipers.

Benefits of Finding a Reliable Hemp Payment Processor

Finding a reliable and cost-effective hemp payment processoris totally worth it. Here’s why:

  • Online hemp payment processing allows businesses to set up additional payment methods. You can also set up recurring payments and process foreign currency
  • Hemp payment processors are geared towards providing uninterrupted, high-quality services to businesses operating in the hemp market.
  • A top-notch payment processor will give you peace of mind knowing that you have reliable payment processing in place and your processor will never ban or cancel your account.
  • Streamlining payment processing involves strong anti-fraud measures that will protect customer payment information and provide maximum security to you.
  • You will receive a wide range of retail terminals for in-person transactions. It also enables you to provide virtual terminals to your customer and process payments even without a card.
  • And much more!

How Can Axiom Payment Solutions Help with Hemp Payment Processing?

Finding a suitable payment processor can be challenging for high-risk hemp businesses. However, as the leading payment processing company operating in the high-risk industry, Axiom Payment Solutions can help you out!

With years of experience in the CBD and hemp industry, we understand the regulations associated with selling hemp-derived products. It enables us to help you find the ideal hemp payment processor for your business. We can streamline hemp payment processing for you and help you reach your business goals.

If you are looking for a hemp payment processing company to help you find the perfect payment processor for your business, then you have come to the right place. Contact us today at 1-844-GET-AXIOM for a no-obligation consultation and quote or to learn more about our services.

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Compared to Square's CBD program ours is much lower, and you get live support.

Squares Rates:

  • 3.90% and $0.10
    in person (swiped/chip),
    4.8% and $0.15 (keyed)
  • 4.20% and $0.30

Our Rates:

  • 3.50% and $0.10
    in person (swiped/chip),
    4.00% and $0.10 (keyed)
  • 4.00% and $0.10 (online/Ecommerce)

(For high volume merchants rates can be negotiated)

Do you sell in person and online? We have POS integration that allows you to manage inventory for both your retail and your Ecommerce site in one place real time.