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Do You Need A CBD Payment Gatewayfor Your Business in North Carolina

We provide CBD payment gateways and merchant accounts for high-risk CBD suppliers and resellers. We will help you obtain the ideal payment processing for your business based on the unique needs and requirements of your CBD venture!

Why Is It Difficult for CBD Businesses to Obtain Fast and Reliable CBD Payment Gateways?

In today’s era of cashless shopping, acquiring a payment gateway is essential for all businesses, including CBD companies. However, despite the increasing demand and popularity of CBD products, finding the right high-risk payment processor who prioritizes your interests and guarantees zero downtime is not easy.

While CBD is actually legal, it is derived from the same plant, which is still illegal in most places. Therefore, CBD products are labeled high-risk, and most banks, lenders, and payment processors avoid associating with businesses selling these products. With years of experience in the CBD industry, we understand their reluctance.

However, we also understand the challenges faced by companies operating in the CBD market. Therefore, we provide safe and reliable CBD payment gateway solutions that are geared towards securing and expanding your CBD business.

Why Choose Axiom Payment Solutions as Your CBD Payment Gateway Provider

Strong & Reliable Network
We leverage our strong and trustworthy relationships in the CBD and finance industry to help you acquire a CBD payment gateway. We deliver the best payment processing options to our clients. Plus, owing to our reliable network of payment processors, we have an exceptionally high approval rate for CBD merchant accounts and CBD payment gateways.

Quick Response
When you choose us to take care of your CBD payment processing needs, we won’t keep you waiting. We prioritize your time. Therefore, our high-risk payment processors work swiftly to get your CBD payment gateway approved and up and running in no time!

Recover Funds from Barred Networks
Like it or not – getting barred from a network of payment processors for being a high-risk business is a relatively common occurrence for CBD businesses. In most cases, when your account is canceled, you lose access to funds in the account. But don’t worry – in most cases, the amount can be recovered.

Axiom Payment Solutions will help you recover funds from closed accounts. We will also expedite your CBD payment gateway approval to get your business up and running in no time.

If you want to capitalize on the emerging CBD market, you need the right CBD payment gateway that helps you operate without any hassles and helps you provide several payment alternatives to your clients. We can help you do just that! Contact us today at 1-844-GET-AXIOM for a no-obligation consultation and quote or to learn more about our services.

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Compared to Square's CBD program ours is much lower, and you get live support.

Squares Rates:

  • 3.90% and $0.10
    in person (swiped/chip),
    4.8% and $0.15 (keyed)
  • 4.20% and $0.30

Our Rates:

  • 3.50% and $0.10
    in person (swiped/chip),
    4.00% and $0.10 (keyed)
  • 4.00% and $0.10 (online/Ecommerce)

(For high volume merchants rates can be negotiated)

Do you sell in person and online? We have POS integration that allows you to manage inventory for both your retail and your Ecommerce site in one place real time.