CBD Credit Card Processing

Looking to Set Up a Credit Card Payment Option for Your CBD Business?

Axiom Payment Solutions Can Help You with All Your CBD Payment Processing Needs.

We specialize in CBD Credit Card Processing and Provide Suitable Solutions to Businesses Associated with CBD products in North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Gone are the days when customers carried cash in their wallets. Today, in the era of online transactions, customers across all industries, including the CBD market, prefer hassle-free transactions via credit or debit cards to make a purchase.

Online payment processing has also gained popularity due to the boom experienced in the eCommerce world.Therefore, finding the best credit card processing services is fundamental to your CBD business in today’s market. In fact, integrating CBD credit card processing can also help you dominate the online market for CBD products.

Unfortunately, finding the ideal CBD credit card processing services can be daunting,as CBD products are considered high-risk commodities. However, with our leading CBD payment processors by your side, you have nothing to worry about!

Why Choose Axiom Payment Solutions as Your CBD Credit Card Processor

We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to navigate through payment processing options available for high-risk businesses.Over the years, we have worked with plenty of high-risk businesses, including brick and mortar and online CDB businesses.Check out the advantages of choosing Axiom Payment Solutionsas your CBD credit card processor.

High Customer Retention

Integrating CBD credit card processing in your payment options can boost your sales and give you a unique competitive edge in the market. Our services are geared towards streamlining payment processes for businesses associated with CBD products and help you attract and achieve more customers than ever before.

Accept All Cards Brands

Our CBD credit card payment solutions are designed to accept all card brands to facilitate your customers. From Visa to Mastercard and American Express, our solutions will allow you to accept payments via all major credit cards. You will never lose another customer due to inadequate payment processing!

Low Processing Fee

We prioritize our customers and strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to the quality and affordability of our CBD credit card processing services. We charge a low processing fee and provide highly-personalized, cost-effective solutions that will help boost your sales and cause a spike in your revenue.

When you choose Axiom Payment Solutions to tackle your payment processing needs, expect nothing but the best. With our professional team of CBD payment processors, you will be accepting credit card payments from your customers without any hassle!

If you are looking for CBD credit card processing services in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding areas, look no further. Contact us today at 1-844-GET-AXIOM for a no-obligation consultation and quote or to learn more about our services.

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Compared to Square's CBD program ours is much lower, and you get live support.

Squares Rates:

  • 3.90% and $0.10
    in person (swiped/chip),
    4.8% and $0.15 (keyed)
  • 4.20% and $0.30

Our Rates:

  • 3.50% and $0.10
    in person (swiped/chip),
    4.00% and $0.10 (keyed)
  • 4.00% and $0.10 (online/Ecommerce)

(For high volume merchants rates can be negotiated)

Do you sell in person and online? We have POS integration that allows you to manage inventory for both your retail and your Ecommerce site in one place real time.